As Shakespeare once wrote

Though this be madness, yet there is method in it

This site tries to give useful information on a number of IT topics which we have sweated over and worked on until, finally, we got them to work. We hope they are of help.

What We Do

At DRNJ we develop software to provide the most complete interface between systems. We have many years of experience developing solutions that require interoperations between systems on many operating systems including Windows, Unix and OpenVMS.

We specialise in helping interface systems together. We develop software and systems to help plug the gap between systems. Typically we help a major change in an organisation and bridge the gap between legacy systems and new technology


Past and Present clients include the Ministry of Defence, EU Funded projects and Systems Integrators and Service Providers


We are available for

  • Web-Database applications (MVC, ET, WCF, WebAPI etc.)
  • Windows .NET
  • MicroServices
  • Unix PHP
  • Oracle
  • SQL-Server
  • Data Extraction

Data Extraction and Migration

We have specialist skills in the extraction of data from legacy systems (e.g. Housing Association systems) and their cleansing and migration to new systems.


Feel free to use the ideas and code-snippets on this site. However, no responsiblity will be taken for accuracy nor warranty given for the use of any ideas or code from this site.

About DRNJ Computer Consultants Ltd